Sunday, January 29, 2006

Prey's Wonderful Afternoon

Oh, sister and brother kitties, it was 74 degrees this afternoon. I spent the whole afternoon rolling around on the warm concrete and taking little naps. Only came in 3 times for a little snack. And there was fresh rainwater to drink in my outside bowl. Delicious! Didn't find any tasty critters though.

Here I am looking over the fence. That is because Orangie was in the side yard between the houses. I yowled at him a few times and he yowled back and then I got bored. Then I went to visit the tree that is a favorite of both Henry and me. It is an Afghan Pine that R planted just one year ago. Because of the special attention us two kitties give it, it has grown almost a foot in one year. There are other trees in my backyard, but they don't have any leaves close to the ground and there is nothing to aim at. Tee Hee!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Love Bed

Here I am getting my rems before you know who spoils the party. This blanket is very nice. It's not as nice as the fuzzy tiger blanket that makes me think I am a week old kitten again. Talk about your sublime treading. I have a queen size bed and I usually sleep on the left hand side, where the heating vent blows on me. Mmmmm. It's really fun to slowly inch the old boy over during the night until he is almost falling off the bed. Then he wakes up and says some really funny stuff. It took me years to perfect this technique. I wake up around 3 every morning and have to go out to pay the water bill. I have him so well trained that he wakes up when my feet hit the floor. Well broken in. Plus, for a human, he's a darn good bed warmer. One big difference is that I wake up looking picture perfect, he wakes up looking like heck warmed over. This is very funny to me also. We can't all be lucky enough to be born feline.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My 4 Babies - by Prey

Henry is busy tonight playing with his ball of string, so I get two in a row. I am going to tell you all about my babies. About 5 years ago, my mommy decided not to re-up her AirForce enlistment, so we left Wichita and moved to Dallas, in with Grandma A. and Grandpa R. It was the first time Hunter and I were out of that apartment for a long time. We settled in okay, although Hunter and the other 3 boy cats were always trying to prove who was the toughest. Anyway, I got to feeling really funny one day, hard to describe, kind of like having an itch you just can't reach. Mommy Sarah was going away for the weekend and gave strict orders not to let me out. Well, Granpda R opened the back door for about 3 seconds and ZOOM I was gone and over the fence, into the alley. I met this big orange cat named Krusty and he showed me the sights.

Some time later I started getting kinda puffy and they all made a big fuss. I lived in Sarah's room at the time, and I made a nest in her closet. And late one night I had my babies. There were four of them and they were all perfect. It was all I could do to keep tabs on them, especially one night when there was a thunderstorm. I hid them all in a cheezy loveseat mommy insisted on bringing to Texas. Those kittens played and slept and played and nursed and played. There was only one boy, and grandpa R named him Blackie. He wanted to keep Blackie, but there were already 4 other boys. Then there was Prissy. She could jump 4 feet straight up in the air from a standing still position. The prettiest was named Fluff, she had thick fur and she would sit and watch the others play. The fourth was Blaze, and she lived here until grandma moved away. We were not that close, but I was so proud to be her Mom. This is her picture. She has only eaten cat food once or twice in her whole life, and one time she tried it she threw it back up on grandma's feet. Everybody laughed! Ruggiero would actually cook for her. She especially liked the way he prepared her favorite Tilapia, just the right amount of garlic and butter. He would make that at 6 in the morning for that spoiled little girl of mine. He practically worshipped that little cat. She loves Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese. Anything but cat food. Her favorite thing on earth is cheese. She won't eat tofu, though, and grandma eats all kinds of vegan stuff. Poor spoiled Blaze. Ha Ha!

The other 3 kittens went to good homes, the women and Grandpa R asked all kinds of nosey questions and even turned some people down. They took me for an operation a few months later and I haven't had that weird feeling since. Thanks for reading my story. Time for some Friskie's Turkey and giblets and then a nice nap in the yellow room.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rebel Without a Cause

Hi everybody, this is Prey. Henry is sleeping and grandpa R is out driving around in the rain. He is ecstatic about the rain, but I am indifferent to it. He took a picture of our neighbor, Orangie, and so here he is. He sort of lives next door with an older lady who has a bunch of cats living upstairs. I heard she was something called a "recluse", whatever that is, but she loves cats, so she is okay with me. Grandpa likes her too, even though he hasn't actually seen her in over a year. Anyway, she feeds Orangie in her back yard, but R puts food out for him as well.

I don't know why, but none of us other kitties like Orangie. Not Henry or me, not the nice orange cat on the other side, and not Slickie or Blaze, who used to live here until last year (where did they go, anyway?). Just something about his attitude. Sometimes he comes up to our patio door looking for food and I throw myself at the glass screaming. Not at all like me. I think he finds that amusing, because he doesn't go away. My daughter Blaze, who is not much bigger than me, used to attack him like she was crazy. He would jump over the fence to get away from her. The funny thing is, I think he is the son of the father of my babies. Does that make us related? Maybe it's that whole inlaw thing.

There's just something about his freewheeling attitude that gets under my fur. Plus he scents everthing in sight. Sometimes he sneaks in the pet door into the kitchen and eats our food. Grandpa says he's just a poor young cat who lived in the alley too long and that we should all play nice. Whatever. Aren't you surprised that such a sweet pussycat as myself has these feelings? Next time I will tell you about my kittens.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Perfect Day

On a mild day like this in January, there is only one place a smart cat like me wants to be. Outside in my flower bed. This is the shady flower bed. the other side of the porch is the sunny side. See me poking my head into those bushes? I spend whole days deep inside, right next to the crepe myrtle where there is a little clearing. No one can see me. Not much going on. The mailman said hi to me. I just stared at him The human is running some kind of noisy thing in the room with the bare floors. Incedibly irritating. Think I'll stay out here until it gets dark.

Friday, January 20, 2006

World Class Prima Dona

This pussycat's name is Cookie. She lived with us for almost 5 years. She was born in Franklin, KY and she had that whole Southern Belle thing going on. She was attached to the yellow headed human named Rachel. When yellow head moved out, the little priss went with her, of course. She rarely ventured out of that girl's room if she wasn't home, but the minute she heard that little sports car pull up, it was brown-nose city. Oh mommy, how I've missed you and blah blah blah with the cutesy talk. Blech! She treated the rest of us cats (there were 10 of us for a while - another story) like we were beneath her, so of course we tried to irritate her every chance we got. Get this, this little princess thought she was so special, she would jump from furniture to furniture so she wouldn't have to touch the floor. And she had to have her own litter box, her own food and her own water. I shed no tears when she moved out last year. I hear she now has her own apartment and she spends the day on her third floor balcony like some kind of royalty. I say good riddance!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's My Turn

It's time to meet the good kitty in this family. I'm a little skittish, but I love Grandpa Ruggiero. I'm not sure where I was born, but it was in the year 2000. I was very little, way too little to be outside by myself, but there I was stuck in a bad thunderstorm, hiding in the shrubbery. I don't even know how I got there. Aunt Rachel was visiting from Galveston, just before she moved in with us. She heard me mewing and came across the street and found me. I was wet and frightened and she was so sweet with bright yellow fur only on the top of her head. She rang a few doorbells to find out if I belonged to anybody, and then she brought me home. Her parents fell in love with me and made a big fuss, but I was so scared. Aunt Rachel put me down and I ran though an open door into the garage, which had boxes piled high to the ceiling. I crawled in and wouldn't come out. Aunt Rachel moved boxes until she found me.

Grandpa wanted to keep me, but there were already 3 cats. So, 3 weeks later I moved to Wichita, Kansas to live with my new Mommy who was in the Air Force. That's where I met Hunter, a handsome orange kitty. Ruggiero made a joke and said Mommy Sarah should call me Prey, because Hunter was always stalking me. So Mommy called me Prey. What could I do, I was just a kitten (I'm still very petite) ! It's an okay name. Better than being named Henry anyway! Tee hee!

When Mommy left the Air Force she moved to Dallas to stay with Grandpa and Grandma, because of the free room and board and being able to come and go at all hours. Well, I am tired now, so I will tell you more next time I get a chance. Grandpa just took this picture of me out in our back yard. I was hoping that since it's so warm outside that maybe a lizard or cricket would wonder by for me to play with. No such luck! I do believe it's time to go to the kitchen for a little snack!

All For My Entertainment

Here I am taking the morning sun in my favorite window. There's always something interesting to see. Squirrels drop by to get acorns from the oak tree. Other times these really huge crows land in the yard and strut around like they own the place. Humans walk past with dogs. Grrrr.
Wow, this blogging is hard work!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Aren't You All Lucky?

I have been planning this for a long time. Tonight, my big break finally came. The human went for a walk around the hood and left the pc up and running. I'll show him how a real blogger operates. His blog is sooooo lame. My blog will be about IMPORTANT topics, like stupid dog jokes, how to manipulate your human, hot female cats. Stuff that matters.

You can't begin to know how lucky you are that I am going to take time out of my busy schedule to do this. You don't deserve this blog. But I guess I will do it anyway because, after all, it's ALL ABOUT ME.

Oh yeah, and I love to bite. I LIVE to bite. I bite the human every chance I get. Sometimes I even draw blood. Tasty! Bite and run, that's my motto.